Many years passed when I was a lecturer, trainer and consultant in the biggest and largest institutions and international entities Meanwhile, through my practical experience I found that the best way to realize a specific idea is to explain it by examples or facts Then, in my lecture to the administration of one of the biggest cars manufacturing companies all over the world, and during my conversation to the managers of the human resources and training departments, I discovered that there is some problem with the trainers or in the content of the studied material Hence, the puzzle appeared, or the unknown problem in this company, and I was curious to know more about this puzzle The Human Resources Manager declared that the technicians received many training programs in order to improve their performance and time-management, but in vain, and this was my motive to solve the puzzle As long as most of my studies were in the linguistic programming and its application in the business administration, hence, I decided to solve the puzzle myself By this lecture which is attended by more than 300 technicians and laborers, I found that minds work like the motor of the car, and then I discovered the puzzle Hence, I made the Idea of Chairman holding in order to reach the most brilliant part in their minds Therefore, and according to the head management desire, I completed my work and established this company to be the gate of the business puzzles solutions We are offering you the solution to minimize the expenses, the employment and to always have professional consultants Thereafter, I organized a team called the Soldiers of Chairman Holding in order to solve the problems happening in the field of management The content I put in this web is a part of this idea in order that the reader understands the new concept of modern management According to my experience in using cars and handling their damages and mechanic puzzles, every company can evaluate its performance Therefore, I wait for your direct contact with me and my team and all of us at your service anytime